Cafe Manager

Yorks Cafe Stratford

Stratford-upon-AvonCompetitive Based on Experience + Tips and BenefitsFull time


As Yorks Café manager, you are responsible for leading your team to consistently deliver incredible customer experiences, ultimately making your café the best part of our customers’ day. You will do this by inspiring your team to serve exceptional food and drink while being in control of all budgets and delivering on department KPIs.

Yorks is a vibrant yet super-accessible café space “owned” by our customers, with our soul rooted in coffee and globally inspired all-day-brunch. We aim to create a future where Yorks’ legacy is one that has a lasting positive impact on the people we serve and the environment in which we live.. As a Yorks Cafe Manager, you will oversee all daily operations and team members at our busy location to help realise this vision.


Our collective job as a team and Reason We Exist as a business is..

To be the best part of peoples’ day.

Whether a memory with friends and family or a moment of escapism and relief; through the power of food, drink, and positivity, we make people feel good.

Our Mission

To make positive local change for global good. Through engagement with our teams, customers, suppliers and the communities where our cafes and restaurants are located, we will make incremental positive change to our environment, our communities and the health and wellbeing of all people we come into contact with.

We will do this with humility, never be preachy, and facilitate local change by offering choices rather than forced conformity or guilt-tripping.

Our Values

  1. Be the best, create the best; We achieve great things by asking "is that the best?" as a
  2. benchmark in everything we do and every experience we create.
  3. Kindness and celebration of diversity; We celebrate people's differences through kindness and understanding. We always seek to be kind as we can never fully know the back-story of our colleagues or customers' journeys.
  4. Be humble and willing to improve; None of us know all the answers, but through humility and willingness we can always improve.
  5. Accountable to our environment and those less fortunate; Our legacy will be measured not by financial success, but by the positive impact we leave behind and impact we've had on others.
  6. Use the "power of everyone"; Greatness can be achieved through the collective intelligence, energy and contributions of all of our colleagues.


Job Area // Objective

  1. Customer Experience Management: Ensure Yorks is the best part of people’s day, by consistently giving every customer an uplifting and memorable experience creating long-term brand loyalty.
  2. Cafe Presentation & Customer Environment: To ensure your cafe always looks immaculately clean, beautiful and is maintained in a tidy and safe manner.
  3. Selling & Commercial Management: To ensure you and your team know your targets and are ready to advise customers through expert product knowledge.
  4. Promotions, Social Media & Customer Communications: To ensure your cafe has constant, relevant, timely and on- brand promotions and dialogue with customers.
  5. People Management & Development: To ensure your team is ready and equipped with the skills to deliver on cafe targets and create and uplifting and memorable customer experience.
  6. Food & Drink Service Standards Management: To ensure all food and drink served is of an outstanding quality and is presented to Yorks costs and standards.
  7. Man-hour Forecasting & Management: To ensure your cafe achieves its wage cost % target through close manhour vs sales monitoring, advance planning and proactive.
  8. Stock & Wastage Management: To ensure your cafe achieves its sales and stock wastage target through smart management of ingredients and perishable stock.
  9. KPI & Budget Management: Ensure your cafe operates to business plan.
  10. Admin & Legal Compliance: Ensure food hygiene processes are implemented and followed, and ensure your cafe operates in a secure way and within the business's legal obligations.

Key Performance Indicators: At Yorks, we believe that by focusing on KPIs we will remove ambiguity and all agree what “success” looks like. This will help ensure we’re all working towards the same goals. Monthly KPIs targets can be found in your Cafe Managers Report. Use this report as a working document to help you run your cafe.

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